March 05, 2009

Prayer Requests for March 5, 2009

Pray for President Obama and his advisors as they host a healthcare reform forum today at the White House. The meeting’s purpose is to hear from those who are concerned about the cost of healthcare reform, and includes members of Congress, physicians and interest groups.
Pray for godly guidance for the President and all involved.Pray for President Obama on 3/6 as he travels to Columbus, OH to highlight the economic stimulus, asking God’s guidance for the President and those with whom he speaks. Pray for wisdom for him and members of his team who continue to distribute these funds. Pray that the funds released this week for public works will be used diligently and wisely to alleviate the recession and to help those in need of employment.
As President Obama continues to travel the country, pray for his protection and safety at every turn. Pray that those who may seek to harm him or members of his administration will be foiled before they are able to carry out their plans. As President Obama has presented his budget to Congress, pray for legislators as they consider its provisions and recommend adjustments. Pray for God’s will to be done in this massive undertaking that the best may be done for our nation. Pray for Vice President Biden as he travels to Brussels, Belgium next week to meet with the North Atlantic Council, to consult with our allies on Afghanistan and Pakistan. He will also meet with NATO’s Secretary General, with senior leaders of the EU and with officials of the Belgian government. Pray for godly guidance and wisdom for him and those who travel with him. Pray for former First Lady Barbara Bush who is resting comfortably at Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX hospital following open heart valve replacement surgery for blockage in her aorta. Pray for comfort, for complete healing and a speedy return to health. She is expected to remain hospitalized for seven to ten days. President Obama has called for the quick deployment of at least 17,000 troops to Afghanistan, in part for security in advance of that nation’s upcoming elections. Pray for those who now deploy, asking God’s mighty and powerful protection over each one.
Pew Research published a study this week revealing that one in every 31 adults is either in prison, on parole or on probation. Pray for our states as they each work on reducing crime and pray for those who work in prisons that they will seek to serve wisely and well. Pray as well, for those who minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our prisons and jails, that many will respond to Christ and experience revival and renewal in Him. The Department of the Interior celebrated its 160th birthday this week; President Obama paid a brief visit to the department thanking employees for their service. Pray for Interior Secretary Salazar and his team as they continue to work to protect our nation’s great open spaces and extraordinary, God-given resources, that they may be wise stewards.
Pray for all the members of our military as they faithfully serve at home and overseas, asking that they will be protected by God. Pray for those struggling with adjustments related to deployment, that marriages and parenting relationships will be strong and secure.

**No matter what your political preferences, every president should always be prayed over to make the right decisions for our country. If this is not prayed for, we lose everything. Phyllis**

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