March 05, 2009

Ben Affleck Makes Dying Man’s Wish Come True

Ben Makes Dying Man’s Wish Come True
(March 4) — Continuing to add to his reputation
as one of the most kind-hearted Hollywood
actors, Ben Affleck gave a dying 18-
year-old the weekend of his dreams.
Robin Leach reports in his Luxe Life blog
that Affleck had been contacted years ago
by a terminally ill teenager who had been
told his life expectancy wasn’t much more
than 18 years of age. The unidentified teen
then wrote a letter to Affleck, saying the one
thing he wanted to do before he died was to
gamble with the ‘Armageddon’ star.
Affleck, abiding by gambling rules, told the
teen that when he was 18, his wish would be
Making good on his promise, Affleck reportedly
partied it up with his fan this past
weekend in Las Vegas. They reportedly
dined at N9NE Steakhouse with a party of
15, and later hit the blackjack and craps tables
Leach reports that Affleck “then led the
group up to The Playboy Club atop the Fantasy
Tower, where they won a dance floor
VIP table and continued partying there early
this morning.”

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