September 19, 2014

REVIEW COMING SOON - Children's Stroller Organizer

Received today, I am already using it, actually for carrying cleaning products while I clean homes! Full review will be done by the time the weekend is over.
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Product Description
  • 1. ENJOY YOUR OUTINGS WITH YOUR CHILDREN !!! Children 'n Us Premium Stroller Organizer is something you can always RELY ON regardless of where you need to go on a DAY TO DAY basis. It can FIT ALL YOUR BABY'S NEEDS while keeping it all completely safe and protected. It has a TON OF STORAGE too. Allowing you to BRING EXTRA ITEM just in case of any emergencies. This will help you FIND WHAT YOU NEED, when YOUR BABY NEEDS it. You'll be VERY GLAD with this baby bag as it carries everything -- AND MORE. With all the USEFUL FEATURES and storage space, it makes traveling with your baby an ABSOLUTE JOY !!!

    2. ONE OF THE LARGER STROLLER ORGANIZER OF THE MARKET !!! Children 'n Us Super Stroller Organizer has a LARGE CAPACITY to take all of your IMPORTANT BABY BELONGINGS !!! Has a pocket for your SMARTPHONE; a VELCRO pocket to carry things like pacifiers; TWO INSULATED BOTTLE spots, to take your BABY'S and YOURS beverages; a ZIPPER pocket to store your KEYS; and an EXTERNAL POCKET, to bring DIAPERS for your baby's URGENT moments !!!

    3. ADJUSTABLE STRAP TO ATTACH AND FIT ONTO ANYTHING !!! Children 'n Us Super Stroller Organizer can be used in all of your moments with your kids !!! Fits in most BABY STROLLERS; can be used in your BIKING RIDES; used also in your CAR, giving your kids the chance to get their own water bottle or toys !!! And also used as a HANDBAG, giving to you the freedom to take it ANYWHERE !!

    4. BONUS E-BOOK !!! Ordering Children 'n Us Premium Stroller Organizer, you will be able to download totally for FREE an special EBOOK, with a lot of tips of how to take care of your CHILDREN ! Our EBOOK was specially made FROM MOM TO MOM !!

Tired of those old baby bags that don't meet your parental needs? Try the Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer.
Its special design stands for style and dependability. Plus, it simply works. It's perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. In fact, you'll love the four padded compartments or pockets that make up the entire bag.
But the best part of this item?
The fact that it fits onto any kind of stroller, as well as on bikes, and cars. Pretty convenient, right? Included is an insulated bottle pocket as well.
The premium Children n' Us Stroller Organizer is something you can always rely on regardless of where you need to go on a day to day basis. It can fit all your baby's needs while keeping it all completely safe and protected.
It has a ton of storage too, allowing you to bring extra items just in case of any emergencies. This will help you find what you need, when your baby needs it.
You'll be very glad with this Stroller Organizer as it carries everything -- and more!
  • With all the useful features and storage space, it makes traveling with your baby an absolute joy. Travel smarter starting today!


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  • September 18, 2014

    I'm Sending Out A Challenge To Bathroom Cleaner Companies!!

    OK, I need some bathroom cleaner companies to step up for me... I have had this stain on my (cheap) shower wall since before my gram died and I moved in, back in 2001 before 9/11. It's water from a well, there's rust & dirt from the bottom of the well. I have used almost everything. SOMETHING is out there that can take this off. I will gladly do a free review in exchange for the free product. You can see that I have TRIED to scrub it off by the 'stripes' a green scrubbie left, but nothing else would come off, it's crazy.

    September 17, 2014

    BOOK REVIEW: Dragon - Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts (edited by Rayne Hall)

    I really enjoyed this fantasy read! 

    Rayne Hall lends a wonderful background of dragon lore into the Introduction, and also has a story in the book as well.

    There were stories of dragons from various authors, and each one read differently because of their various writing styles. 

    Some were stories full of "fear" from the characters that really pull you in and you would swear you'd been through it yourself! Others stories read like amazing children's fantasies!

    Wonderful book for all ages from kids(Rated PG-13) to adults!

    My rating: A

    1. TO EAT A BARD by Larisa Walk
    2. ALONE WITH THE BONES by Mark Cassell
    3. THE INTROVERT DRAGON by Rayne Hall
    4. THE MURDER WINDOW by Pamela Turner
    5. DUNG by Candy Korman
    6. EDUCATING PUFF by Jonathan Broughton
    7. I AM THE WEAPON by Douglas Kolacki
    8. THE DRAGON’S BARGAIN by William Meikle
    9. DRAGONS by Wakefield Mahon
    10. DISTANT DRAGON by L.L. Phelps

    • #RayneHall 

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    September 12, 2014

    Doctors are preparing for an early flu season

    (Personally, I do not get flu shots, and I push & endorse clean eating and homeopathics! On this blog are many recipes for healthy smoothies, some help prevent colds, etc. ~PhyllisAdelle)

    Columbia SC - WIS TV

    It's not even halfway through September, but flu season may already be upon us.

    Doctors say the peak of flu season doesn't normally hit until December, but people are coming down with the flu as early as now.

    In the 2013-2014 flu season in South Carolina, almost 2,000 people were hospitalized because of the virus according to the Centers for Disease Control.

    Doctors say they want to make sure you know when you have the flu and how to prevent from spreading it.

    Some typical symptoms are a fever, cough, sore throat, and runny or stuffy nose. People with the flu can spread it to others up to about six feet away. Doctors think flu viruses are spread mainly by droplets made when people with the flu cough, sneeze or talk.

    Most healthy adults can infect other people beginning a day before symptoms develop and up to a week after becoming sick.

    "The vaccine is going to be the best way to prevent the flu," said Doctor Jeremy Crisp from Lexington Family Practice. "The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of six months get a flu vaccine; that's going to be the number one way to prevent the flu. If you don't get the flu vaccine, certainly during flu season just sort of general healthy hygiene habits are going to be the best way to prevent getting it."

    According to the CDC, the flu vaccine causes antibodies to develop in the body, which protects against infection, about two weeks after getting the shot. Doctor Crisp tells his patients, who say they got the flu from the flu vaccine, they likely contracted the virus days earlier.

    "The flu vaccine is safe. That's an old wives tale that the flu vaccine gives you the flu. There are several types of flu vaccines on the market now. Most of the injectable forms of the flu vaccine are actually killed viruses; they're not using live viruses in that vaccine. So the flu vaccine cannot give you the flu," says Crisp.

    The vaccine protects against Flu Type A, type B, and H1N1 or Swine Flu.

    Crisp says activity from new strains have not popped up this year, and even though there is no prediction for how many will be affected by the flu, he hopes it will be a mild season.

    He says the best way to prevent spreading the flu is to not go to work or anywhere you will have contact with a lot of people when you know you're sick. He says that's the fastest way the flu is spread.

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    September 10, 2014

    Two new product reviews to be posted within two weeks:

    I've just received two new products in today's mail to use and review. I'm sure they will both need to be used a week or more for me to see results, after which I will post my unbiased and honest review, with photos and tips if I have any.

    I received these product for free from the companies listed below, in exchange for honest reviews.


    Pure Raspberry Ketones | Natural Fat Burners 

    • #RaspberryKetones

    Product Description
    • Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones (Not Synthesized in Lab, It is extracted from Natural Sources), No Additives, No Fillers or Artificial Ingredients

      - Where it is Manufactured- Made in USA, with FDA Approved cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Highest Quality Standard for Manufacturing Supplements).

      Why Our Products - Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones, 500 MG, 12O capsules, No additives, No Binders, No Fillers or No artificial Ingredients. Quality is Tested and Standardized against the Monographs in USP/NF.

      How it Works- Proven Fat Burner and Appetite Controller. In Vivo and In Vitro studies, it shows that it increases the Fatty Acid Oxidation; stimulate Adiponectin, which is a protein involved in regulating Glucose Level and Fatty Acid Oxidation. It burns the Body Fat and Converts it into Energy when Body needs it and that is how it helps Body to Control Appetite; as a result it is Appetite Suppressant. Raspberry Ketones Works as an Efficient Weight Loss Supplement when it combined with balanced diet and Regular Exercise. When one does Exercise, it require body to burn extra energy and also burn extra calories, and if you are taking Raspberry Ketones, it burn the Existing Body fat to convert it into Energy which is required for Exercise. As a result one doesn't need extra nutrition to get energy for exercise

      Clinical Studies/Results - Ushiki et al. conducted an acute, single administration study to examine the anti obesity effects of raspberry ketone in healthy adults (N=5) (22). Healthy males aged 24-50 years were included in this study. Following acute administration, raspberry ketone was also shown to significantly reduce arteriosclerosis index score ([total cholesterol - HDL cholesterol] / total cholesterol) .
    (09-11-2014, 210 lbs starting weight, post bathroom, pre breakfast: I started using it this morning before I had my coffee and a chicken biscuit from Chickfila which I rarely eat in the a.m., so that was a good 'testing' time to start! You take 1 tab twice a day 30 minutes before meals. That was always hard for me to do when I worked outside the home and was trying to lose weight, but now I work from home and can control time! Muahahaha! Well, inside my own home at least...)


    Adovia Sulfur Soap for Acne, Blackheads and Oily Skin with Dead Sea Salt - 100% Natural


    This soap is specific for Acne prone, oily skin and is not recommended for dry or sensitive skin.


    • - Adovia sulfur soap, is highly enriched with minerals and sulfur from the Dead Sea.
      - Your skin's natural moisture levels are balanced and optimized with Olive Oil, Dead Sea minerals and Aloe Vera extract.
      - Sulfur has Antiseptic, Anti-Fungal and Antibacterial properties
      - This soap thoroughly cleanses your face and body and leaves your skin gentle and smooth.
      - Our sulfur soap has a 3% sulfur content.
    (09-11-2014, I started using this today before I headed out the door on an errand this morning. It has no odor, does not sting the skin, and was very clean feeling. It felt strange to NOT use my usual moisturizer after I washed my face... but my face is smooth and I didn't want to compromise the product. I did take photos yesterday of my trouble spots with 'acne')

    September 04, 2014

    PRODUCT REVIEW: Propresser Garlic Press Stainless Steel - The Authentic

    Propresser Garlic Press Stainless Steel - The Authentic

    by orblue

    The Garlic Press was a very welcome addition to my home, as I used to always do it the old fashioned way: smash a clove with the side of a chef knife.... leaving my hands sticking and stinking from taking apart the clove from the shell.

    This press is awesome: I cleaned it with soap & water first, then prepped all my food for our supper. Tilapia and cauliflower were on the menu. 

    The press crushes a shelled or unshelled clove, and leaves the shell behind for easy cleaning! I scraped the minced garlic from the press with a knife, and used the supplied brush to clean out the shell. 

    I also used the brush for cleaning the press in soap & water. I made sure it was completely dry and stored it with the brush in the plastic bag it came in. 
    It has a wonderful thick, round handle which is great for me personally because I have arthritis.

    I enjoyed my meal very much! I made a strawberry & melon smoothie to go with it.

    I see no problems with this press and am very happy with it.

    They also provided a free Kitchen Management ebook along with the order!

    My rating: A

    I received this product free in exchange for an honest review.

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    September 03, 2014

    BOOK REVIEW: Tough Guys and Drama Queens: How Not to Get Blindsided by Your Child's Teen Years

    Tough Guys and Drama Queens: How Not to Get Blindsided by Your Child's Teen Years
    By: Mark Gregston
    THOMAS NELSON / 2012

    ISBN: 9780849951664
    ISBN-13: 9780849951664

    Worried about your kids? How you're going to raise them? How to deal with the drama of girls, and yes, even the guys...? Worried about YOU? Then this is a great, informational book for you! Made especially for parents of pre-teens and teens. It is faith-based and has pages of biblical backing to help you.
    “Everyday your child is bombarded by highly sexualized culture and over-exposed to words and images that can influence them beyond your reach. Your connection to them during these years is critical as is your response to tough issues such as appearance, performance, authority and respect, boundaries, and many more.” It's hard to know how to act in intense situations, or learn how to control our own emotions. This book will give you a better sense, a better grip, a better understanding.
    I would recommend this book not only for parents, but also for youth ministers.
    I enjoyed this book. Mark's practical insights and strategies are game changers.

    Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”