November 08, 2011

REVIEW: Ascent From Darkness, by Michael Leehan

Ascent From Darkness, by Michael Leehan
"How satan's soldier became God's warrior. A true story."

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When I finally finished another book from the library and was able to pick up this book to read it, I finished it in just a couple of nights. It blew my mind. Michael's real life telling of his struggles of personally inviting evil into his life, his honesty in sharing, and his return to Christ, was astounding, breathtaking, disturbing, moving and victorious! I want to meet this man!
Before you read this book, pray to God that He opens your eyes, your heart and your mind to understanding. Pray that He protects you as you read it.

Mr. Leehan unabashedly spills his life onto these 200+ pages to show us how easily satan can penetrate our life, throw monkey wrenches into our plans, slide us away from Christ, inch by inch.
The simplest disagreement between two people, or yourself and God, a tiny spark of anger, just the thought that someone has done you wrong... satan is behind it, setting it up, feeding it, giving us just enough doubt to start pulling us away from our true, and rightfully owned, future. Satan takes our basic needs and turns them back on us. He uses those things to pull us closer to him, we just don't realize it. Anything negative, anything, is produced and egged on by satan. Michael shows us how he got there, to that point, where he actually started understanding satan, seeing his demons, turning angry toward God, and finally, sacrificing himself to satan. He leaves no stone uncovered in this book, he bears it all, ugliness and pain, betrayal and lies, by him and satan both.
I suggest you read this book, not for the fascination of what he has gone through or for the 'gore', but for a shield against satan, so you will see how he can get into your life, and how to not believe a thing he shows you or makes you feel. I'll be making sure that my 14 1/2 year old son reads this book, I want him prepared for how satan is going to try to lure him away from church and God. This book will show him.
Always go to the Light, the Light is amazing. The Light is safe. The Light is God.

255 readable pages
Thomas Nelson publishers