August 19, 2009

Wrapped Bundles

Wrapped Bundles

Makes: 4 servings

Created by The MDM Team, Monday, February 18, 2008
It's a wrap! So, go ahead and eat these bundles of joy, Choose from hot dogs, chicken, steak or hamburger as the main ingredient for each wrap.

One of the following:
1 polish sausage divided in 4
2 all beef hot dogs cut in half or pennies
1 chicken breast, de-boned and skin removed
1/4 of hamburger patted into a patty
1 pkg. of Philly Steak slices or meat cut super thin.
1 pork steak or chop
Add to your pkg. after your choice of meat:
1 carrot, cut julienne
1 thick slice of onion or 4 peeled pearl onions
1 small to medium potato, peeled and sliced
Other veggies of your choice
3 tbsp. of cream soup- mushroom, chicken, celery salt and pepper to taste

Take a peace of heavy-duty foil about 24 inches long. Fold over edges to form a pouch leaving one end open. Add one of the above meats and the other ingredients. Seal by folding over end in a drugstore fold and set on grill and bake 45 to 1 hour or in your oven at 350 degrees for one hour. Cut them open with scissors and use care in doing this; double the amount for another person so every one has his or her own pack. These work good on a rack in a cast iron Dutch oven also.

Additional Tips
Ready in 1 hour and 10 min

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