August 23, 2009

Rock Bottom?

God isn't alarmed
when we hit rock bottom.
He made the rock.

There are times in our lives
when we feel there is no way
up or out.
Poverty. Confusion.
Loneliness. Desperation.
They take us to the place
called "rock bottom."
In these times
you may feel weak
and vulnerable,
and it is easy to lose faith
in you ability to go on.
It is exactly in these times
that you must turn
to the infinite power
within yourself.
You must know that
the answer is exactly
where you are.
The strength you need,
the answer you want,
the solution that
will turn the situation around
is you.
If you can put aside
the anger,
fear, weakness,
and desperation
for just a minute
you will remember
the "other times"
you were at the bottom
and how in a moment,
miraculously, you were lifted up.

There is no spot
where God is not.

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