September 16, 2009

Can YOU tell where God had been with you in your life?

You know what? I see the different paths God had laid out for me, and I see the specific path He led me down.

I look back at all the little Yield and Stop signs, and I see the exact points of where He took me to, to get me where I am today. To learn the lessons I had along the way, so that I could use them in new ways, and for others.

It's been so cool to look back and see what He did to get me where I am today. Am I perfect? Good gravy, no! Will I ever be? Probably not, but that's my fault, not His.

I just know that He loves me, He made me, and He'll accept me back when my final day here on earth is done. And I AM SOOOOO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!

What's YOUR story?

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