August 11, 2013

Today I began my 17-Day Diet journey :)

August 11 2013

Still truckin along from my total knee replacement on July 1st... The knee still hurts continuously, it's natural that it does, the living tissue around it is mad... when I first wake up, I *have* to use the cane to get to the bathroom and back, but almost within a few minutes of that, the knee limbers up and I put the cane back down.

Yesterday I was VERY nauseated... it could have been because I took 2 pain pills instead of one, a pinched nerve in my neck which happens often, or the (not mentioning a brand name) frozen chicken dinner I had for lunch. Well, I called my hunny-bunny, Mike, and said since you're on the way over, please pick me up a ginegerale because I can't go anywhere to get one!

I've suffered with increasing pain from arthritis and spurs in that knee for about 5 years now. During that time, I could no longer exercise "properly" and pretty much gave up altogether. I got to 205 lbs before the surgery. I've lost 15lbs since the surgery so I am starting at 190lbs.

I've been wanting to start The 17-Day Diet since hearing about it a few weeks before the surgery, and planned to start around this time in August, so last night before my son, Zach, got back from Carowinds with his friends, I went shopping for about 3 days worth of foods ... today is "Day 1 of Cycle 1".

If you want to learn more about The 17-Day Diet, there is a page on FB for it as well as many links online. I have joined about 5 support groups on FB as well so I can learn from others, and they can help keep me accountable. I'll be adding a Before photo, measurements, food photos, my food journal, etc, later when I get back online. For now, my knee needs ice & elevation, so off to napland I go ;) (When I nap, the cold doesn't bother me)

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