August 15, 2013


Day 4 consisted of working at mom's office and having to carry a snack, so for breakfast I had a yogurt, plenty of water with my pain pill and multivitamin; and I packed grapes and a plum for her office. Unfortunately while working there after a few hours of doing paperwork, my body wanted badly to lay down and rest, so I had her bring me home after they had gone to an agent's open house lunch. 
I think it's the fact that I am recovering from a serious surgery, taking meds, on a detoxing-type of diet, and after a previous day of errands.
Supper was another yogurt, then we went to a friend's home for a meeting about our childcare kids promoting at church, came back home, and had a boiled egg, a spoon of peanut butter, and grapes at bedtime (I just wasn't up to 'cooking'.)
No photos to show due to not having charged batteries, for the camera nor for me LOL

I'm also learning to prep my snacks much better so that I can grab-n-go, so that I am happy and satisfied with what I am eating. That may be hard to understand, but my mind knows what I'm trying to say.
Also with food prep. A lot of veggies are still in the plastic produce bags I brought them home in. I hope to remedy that tomorrow and get them divided, prepped and used.

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