August 04, 2013

Have your "ThirtyOne" questions answered

Is anyone else interested in hearing information on joining ThirtyOne?
I can add you to an Event that my mentor is hosting tomorrow night Monday Aug 5th. She will be explaining the opportunity of joining ThirtyOne. Some information is already inside the event page, and you can ask questions there that she will address. No pressure, just info.
For some folks, this is a means of making extra money to help with bills. One consultant friend of mine enrolled so she could buy a car and she reached several goals to do that; now she's working on new goals so she can continue being able to pay those monthly payments I'm working toward never working for a corporate company again who doesn't care about their customers and employees. Yet another person may need this as a means to be able to get out of an unpleasant relationship and be able to stand on their own two feet, not having to rely on the other person. Whatever your reason, you know what your goals are. Thirty One can help make that happen.
Let me know by Friending me on Facebook: and post on my page: Invite me to Monique's Event.

August Customer Special

NEW Purses, & Wallets in great new Fall patterns and colors! Aug 1st!

Aug 15th Fall Enrollment Kit :

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