August 13, 2013


Good morning :)
Today I started off with no lemon water, I forgot... I had my yogurt immediately upon waking because I needed 'food' for the pain pill I take from knee surgery. I hurt badly when I wake in the mornings (also from my slight spinal curvature).
Afterward, I had to get ready for the 1st of 3 appointments.

I went to the local low-impact arthritis class from 10:15-11:30.
Came back and had two boiled eggs with s&p, and a handful of red grapes.
(If I don't mention water, it's only because I drink it ALL day long. Luckily, I'm a person who loves water.)
I've been to the 2nd appt, and now I am cooling off before heading over to a new therapy session for my knee. I had home therapy for 3 weeks (3 days a week). I've been without for about 2 weeks now and I can tell a (not-so-good) difference.
I'll pop back in to update with snacks and dinner. I may pop down a fruit smoothie real quick just to have something in my stomach.
Therapy went well, about 45 minutes, it included assessment, biking, calf stretches, hamstring stretches, leg lifts, thigh exercises, etc. And then a 10 minute icing on the knee.
Dinner when I get back from dropping off the kid at Color Guard practice. He already had his supper while I was gone.
Supper: Tuna salad with mustard, a small dollop of pickle relish, boiled egg, green onion, S&P, tomato, FF thousand island dressing. 
Snack: Cucumber slices with S&P
Snack: Yogurt

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