August 15, 2013


Starting off the day right this time ;)
2 eggs with salsa, S&P, and a naval orange.

For snack in a couple of hours, I'll have a Golden Apple.

For lunch I am going to a friend's home for a gathering, and will be careful with what I eat... they eat lunch and exchange plant/flower bulbs :)

I am planning a chicken dinner, but not sure which recipe yet. I'll post later tonight or catch-up tomorrow. 

(updated below photo)

LUNCH was amazing! I was scared that I wouldn't be able to eat anything but when I got there, the ladies had brought Caprese (tomatoes, buffalo mozzerella cheese, basil leaves, drizzle of a greek dressing), chicken salad with grapes in it (very little lite mayo), lettuce pieces, huge bowl of cut of fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe  grapes), and a dip to go with it (greek yogurt, honey, lemon juice, parsley). Honestly, I got so full and was sooo happy LOL Even though one or two of those items may be C2, eating it *once* is not going to screw me up. I now wish I had taken my camera! These ladies did such a wonderful job and it's the best day I had all week!

Now onto supper which I still haven't made yet. That chicken may wait yet even *another* day! The kid ate a quick bite before color guard practice and I go pick him up in 20 minutes. I dunno, I'm at a loss, it's so late in the eve...

OK, omelet it is, special request from the kid LOL 
4 eggs in olive oil, a little cheese for me, lots for him, green onion, S&P.
Simple, delish, filling.

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