August 11, 2013

Day 1 Cycle 1 ("D1C1") MY 17-DAY DIET JOURNAL

August 11 2013

Starting weight 190 lbs
Bicep: 13.5
Chest: 47
Waist: 40
Thigh: 24 1/3
Calf: 15 2/3

I will weigh and measure weekly. Photos will be taken weekly from the same area in my hallway and everything will be posted in a weekly wrap-up post.
I'll post daily menus and happenings.

Snack before church was a Kefir smoothie with strawberries.

After church I made my Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, s&p, a plum, green tea.

Afternoon snack was an Oikos Blueberry Greek yogurt. I have water throughout the day, so I won't be recording that here, nor all the little things like oils etc. This is just for me to show what success I'm having. All the specifics are in the book.

Supper this evening is on a sight-seeing ship, so I will eat chicken if they make it and plenty of veggies/salad, and I shall enjoy the scenery and not worry about my weight while I'm there. We're going to see the Purple Martins out at Bomb Island on Lake Murray. I'll post photos later. (Posted/new post)

Dinner was salad, chicken, green beans, and 3 solo cups of water.
"Dessert/Snack" when I got home was a cup of red grapes.

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