January 10, 2011

More Snow : )

It finally stopped snowing (with a little sleet mixed in) around 12 pm. This is the beauty part. The ugliness will be later when the freezing rain really sets in and the previous snow has a 1/4 inch of ice on top, making roads hazardous.

Beginnings of sleet after the snows.

Couldn't find a ruler. This is an average wire hanger set down into the snow on my railing.

Zach. We'd already been in it, walking down the pond behind us with my folks, and this was his second trip back out.

Minnie taking her second trek out into it. This time, she sunk in!!

Zach heading over to my Mom & Dad's next door. Can you see the drift of snow up the trunk of the giant oak in front of him to his left a little?! Also, notice that you can't see dirt in the path. He drug his boots thru that snow! We got a final measurement of 6" here in Ballentine (15 miles NW of Columbia).

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