January 03, 2011

Back to the new way of eating this week! (Dr Oz)

I started a Dr. Oz 'diet' a few weeks ago and was doing very well my first two weeks; I bought everything I needed for the new meals for two weeks, got some crappy food out of the house and was actually enjoying new flavors and a new way of cooking.
I got slack because of not having the right items in my house this last week. Plus my friend and her daughter came down for a few days so I didn't feel right 'making' them eat what I was suppose to be eating. So it got pushed to the side while all four of us ate some not-so-good-foods as well as stuff that was just not necessary.
So this morning, I got right back into the "diet" because I had bought a couple of little things over the last week so this week would be easier.
This morning I had ONE piece of wheat toast with 1 tsp of (healthy) peanut butter, and 1 whole red apple, cleaned and sliced.
Lunch is a toasted wheat English muffin with a Boca Veggie burger (I had a Boca chicken patty), 1 tsp marinara sauce, lettuce (I use baby spinach washed well), sliced tomato, red onion (I had white onion already cut up in the fridge), a little pepper, and a little oregano. YUMMY : )
I can't wait to pick a meal for tonight. It will involve fresh chicken. Maybe I will do strips pan-cooked in chili olive oil and some honey. That's always a hit.


The plate is now empty ; )

Would you like to see a daily posting with a pic from one of my meals? Comment!

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