January 09, 2011

Mannnn, that piece of end-bread is for the birds!


I can't afford the excruciatingly high price of bird seed any longer and I refuse to buy the 'cheap stuff' because that's what it is, cheap; full of stems, sticks, and small stones I could use for gravel in my driveway! Plus, they won't eat it, I have proof LOL

So, for their treat when I run out of birdseed, (and it's going to snow tomorrow at some point anyway), I use the ends of the bread loaves that I don't like to eat. I let it stay out there for about 4 days if it's not gone sooner than that, and then I put out a fresh one in another clean bowl.

I spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the bread, cover it in raisins, craisins and walnuts, and anything else they would normally eat in nature, and press it all lightly into the spread.

I put the slice of bread in a small bowl and place it on top of my birdfeeding station, above the non-stocked birdseed holders, so they'll know exactly where to find it.

They LOVE it! See that brown bowl on top? Yep, that's it.

Don't forget to keep their water bowls or birdbaths in the sun where the warmth will keep it melted during the cold months. Keep it CLEAN and filled. You don't want to drink old nasty bathing water, do you? Neither do they.


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