January 29, 2015

Smarty Pants Supplies

NOT happy with a particular company right now who completely shut me out over a tiny problem with my shipping address. No matter how nice I was being, nor how many times and various places I asked for their help, NO RESPONSE. I will never work with them again.
So here is a simple plain post about so I will still get my credit on the review site, though I will get no credit with the company that ignored me. Even if I get in trouble, at this moment I do not care. I do not like being shut out and ignored. It's RUDE.


Christine Topley said...

I won't name the site but I have a feeling of where you obtained the review from. I have had similar experiences with companies from there. Although I simply messaged the "courier" site to remove me from the companies promotion and stated the reason and they have always granted me my request. Never dreamed of making a post such as this...maybe next time :)...dropping in from What's New! Canada

Miss Slick One said...

Yea, tried to get removed from it, or get them to contact the company for me, but, no. Blah blah blah, you know. [eyeroll]

Anonymous said...