January 20, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cigar Wrapper Baby Announcement

I received this free product from the company in exchange for writing a review on my blog.

I am not being compensated any further. The company's links are at the bottom of this post.



Custom-made for YOUR baby, you can choose to add the place of birth, the time, the date, or none of those. I ordered some for a friend with just the name.

They have one flap that's sticky so it will stick to the other flap, to make it slide off of the cigar prior to smoking.

Nice product :)


Product Description
Our uniquely patterned adhesive is engineered to never make direct contact with the cigar itself and is only sticky on one side. Simply wrap the label around the cigar, and affix the adhesive end to the opposite side of the label. Do not let the adhesive make contact with the cigar... The band will then slide easily on or off the cigar without affecting the cigar itself. Label Dimensions: 3.25" x 1.13" Specially designed to fit cigar sizes ranging from 42-60 gauge.

Get yours here: 

I was asked to test and review this product,
with no other promise of compensation,
but to give my honest opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Those are so cool!