January 07, 2015

OK, Ladies!! A "Monthly" Subscription Box, made especially for us "reproductive" girls! ;)

I have to admit, I LIKE my little surprise I get every month!

artwork by PassionatePink

Noooo, not THAT one, silly! ... THIS ONE!


It's an awesome box of goodies for those of us who still get their monthly! It's little gifties that help us make it through the week without killing someone..! ..hopefully! 

How it works:

You select your preferred product to use (pads/tampons), and they'll send you chocolates, a piece of jewelry, and makeup (you'll fill out a 'color' profile for the makeup). You can also "double" your makeup and jewelry and get EXTRAS!

What's in it:

Where to get yours!Just click here>>The TOM Box from SwaagBox!

Last month I got beautiful red dangle earrings that ended up being perfect for my various Christmas outfits! Also one each of dark navy eyeliner, and dark purple eyeliner. Such pretty colors!!
(Don't like something? Give it to your BFF, your mom, a neighbor... no harm done! And I won't tell!)

I didn't think I'd be this thrilled to see a box every month because of my period LOL!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL month! ;)


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Anonymous said...

HAHA! You're funny! Great writeup!! LOL