December 18, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: "4 Pets 4 You" Skin Care / Allergy Care for cats and dogs (AND their owners!)


I've been using these two bottles for a couple of months now ~ the Skin & Coat, and the Anti-Allergy ~ 2 of my 3 girls suffer from allergies due to flea bites (vet meds don't work on the fleas like it used to). Misty is longhaired so the fleas hardly bother her all!

Minnie and Molly scratched so much that they were losing chunks of hair and were miserable! From the edges of their ears to the backsides of their back legs - they looked horrible! Not to mention the 'yuck' all over my house. I had covered every chair and couch with sheets!

I wrote Tami about it and she sent me free samples to see if it would help them. I am so happy with this outcome, that I WILL be buying from them again when products are needed!

I added one squirt of each product every 3 days or so into separate bowls of wet food for Minnie and Molly, feeding them in different rooms. Of course it took time, but they have finally gotten back to looking healthier, and the fur has grown back in!

I also added a little garlic to that wet food to deter the fleas. Anymore, that's all that seems to help with fleas!

THANK YOU,, for these products, they WORK!

Oh, and by the way, they carry supplements for pets AND their owners! :)

More info on the feline anti-allergy:
Our Anti-Allergy helps to ease mild to chronic allergies and to support the immune system. One bottle will last approximately 4 months when given as directed (1 pump into your cat’s food daily). Allergy symptoms can include dry flaky skin, hair loss, scratching or rubbing, licking and chewing at the affected site in severe cases this can include the entire body. Sneezing, coughing and wheezing may also be seen.  Allergies occur when a cat’s immune system overreacts to the allergens which can be many things such as pollen in the air, grasses, trees, mites or fleas, and molds, chemical in the house and even food or a combination.

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