October 13, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: She's Got Issues by Nicole Unice

She's Got Issues

by Nicole Unice

"Seriously good news for stressed-out, secretly scared control freaks like us"

This book & DVD set were given to me by Tyndale House Publishers for an honest review. My comments are my own.

"Standing on my porch with a dish towel on one shoulder and a burp cloth on the other, I knew in the deepest part of my soul that this could not be the 'life to the full' that Jesus promised".

Nicole Unice is a Christian counselor, ministry leader, and mom. She lets us know plenty about where she's been and how she came to bring this book to life. She helps us understand where she's coming from, which in turn lets you feel more comfortable when reading the book, almost like she right there talking with you one-on-one. 
She explains about who you are, a King or a Pawn; groups in which control, or lack of, places us. Surprisingly, I wasn't the one I thought I was! There are different, dare I say, fractures, layers, to what makes one a King or Pawn.
She helps us figure out why we are the way we are, what got us there, what happens while we are there, and how to deal with it. Not necessarily how to stop or 'fix' it, but how to control it to better suit our needs. And we have the access to the power of Jesus Christ to help us through it! 

This 14 chapter (great for study groups) book will walk you through a part of your life that you had no idea needed tweaking. 

ISBN 978-1-4143-6510-7
Christian Life/Women/Spiritual Growth
Includes Quizzes and other personal assessment tools
Copyright 2011, 2012

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