June 07, 2009

How to Know Jesus as Your Messiah and Lord - from Sid Roth dot org

How to Know Jesus as Your Messiah and Lord
Excerpt from "The Amazing Jewish Book and the God-Shaped Hole in My Soul"
by Manny Brotman

Here is how to invite Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) into your heart and life as an act of faith to receive His blood of atonement:

1) Pray Prayer is just talking to God in your own words.

2) Confess Acknowledge to God that you have sinned—broken His Commandments—and that you are truly sorry for it.

3) Ask and Receive Ask Messiah Yeshua to come into your heart and life and to cleanse you with His blood of atonement.

4) Believe Thank Him by faith for doing this!

Some people have emotional experiences when they invite the Messiah into their life, and others do not. Just thank Him for coming into your heart, not based on human feelings, but on the authority of the Jewish Bible. This is an act of faith acceptable to God!

Here is a sample prayer:

Dear God, I confess that I have sinned against You and I’m truly sorry for it. Messiah Yeshua, please come into my heart and life and cleanse me with Your precious blood of atonement. Thank You for doing this according to Your Word. I’ll do anything You want me to, with Your help. I really mean it, Lord! In Your Name, Amen!

Does this prayer express the desire of your heart? If it does, pray it right now, and the Messiah will enter your life as He promised to in God’s Word. (You can take a moment right now and pray this prayer out loud.)

Did you invite Messiah Yeshua into your life? Did you really mean it? Then, where is Yeshua according to the Bible? God’s Word says:

Behold, I stand at the door [of your heart and life], and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door [of his heart and life], I will come in to him, and will sup [fellowship] with him, and he with Me (Messiah Yeshua in Revelation 3:20, KJV).

Either God is the world’s greatest liar, or Messiah Yeshua is in your heart right now if you prayed to receive Him!

God is not a man, that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do it? Or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good? (Numbers 23:19).

The moment that you asked Messiah Yeshua into your heart and life as an act of faith, God began to do many wonderful things for you including the following:

1) Your sins were atoned for (covered, forgiven)!

2) You received righteousness (right-standing with God) by faith!

3) You entered into a personal relationship with God and became a child of God!

4) You received eternal life!

5) God’s Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Kodesh) entered your life to lead you and guide you!

6) You began the abundant life and the exciting adventure for which God created you—to know God and to make Him known!

(If you did not yet ask Messiah Yeshua into your life, ask Him to come in right now and these wonderful blessings will be yours, too!)

Here’s how to grow in God’s abundant life:

1) Confess any future sins to God and ask His help to overcome them.

2) Pray to God in the Name of His Son (Yeshua) and praise (thank) Him much.

3) Read God’s Word (the Bible) once or more every day. Just as you have three square physical meals daily, you need regular spiritual meals. Before you read, pray for God to show you the truth as you read. He is the Author. It is His Book.

4) Memorize as many Bible verses as you can. (Start with the verses in this chapter.)

5) Fellowship at least weekly with other Bible believers.



ElderChild said...

DISCLAIMER: The following is written concerning the religious systems of this wicked world, not individuals. Recorded for revelation, not condemnation, in hopes there would be those who would "see" and "hear", for all who do so will take heed unto The Call of The Only True G-D and "Come out of her, MY people".......

"The Way of Truth is evil spoken of" because of pagan "catholicism" and her harlot pagan "christian" daughters ;-(

Their "imag"ined "jesus christ" is not The Messiah! It was some five hundred years ago that they named one head of their three-headed pagan "god", "jesus", during a time that has been called the "reformation". Prior to that time there was no "j" sound in the english language.......period.......

And the pagan "christian" name of 'jesus' is the transliteration of The Messiah's G-D given Hebrew birth name from the pagan catholic latin word 'iesus' not the pagan greek word 'iesous' which is recorded in all the greek transcripts from which religious "biblical" translations were made.......

And the "reformation", the time during which the english 'j' sound was "imag"ined, was an aptly named time! For it was a time when "catholicism" birthed her harlot "christian" daughters ;-( Her "christian" daughters are of her substance ;-( Her substance was merely "reformed" so that her "christian" daughters might appear a bit differently outwardly, yet inwardly they remained liken unto their pagan harlot mother ;-(

"christianity" is but the byproduct of the fornicative relationship pagan "catholicism" has always had with "the god of this world", he who is "the father of lies", he who is "the angel of light", "d"evil spirit that rules over this wicked world ;-(

All religious systems, muslin, jewish, buddhist, catholic, christian ,,etc,, are Anti-Messiah!

Religious systems of this world, all alike they are,
Those they clone have fought, killed and died, both near and far ;-(

And then once a week, or multiple times a day they may pray,
Yet as hypocrites they begin each new day ;-(

Days that are filled with deceit and lies,
For in a "religious system" Truth can not abide ;-(

And so the fruit of death is born of religion's way,
Because life is but a pawn in the wicked game they play ;-(

Simply, Faith will not create a system of religion!

The Messiah testified of a "wicked world", and of His disciples being "in, not of, this world".

John exhorted those who believed "to love not the world or it's things" for "the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one"!

And James testified, "whoever is a friend of this world is the enemy of G-D(Father, Great Spirit, Creator,,)"!


ElderChild said...

And "the god of this world", "the father of lies", "d"evil, is the author of all religious systems and has his way with those who are "of this world" because they follow their own "vain "imag"inations" ;-( And so it is that mankind's "imag"ination is destroying and perverting Creation ;-(

And Our Father(Creator) has promised that HE "will destroy those who are destroying and perverting HIS Creation(earth, air, water, vegetation, creatures, Light, Truth, Life, Love, Peace, .etc.)"!

Hope is there would be those who take heed unto The Only True G-D's Call to "Come out of her, MY people"!

All who take heed unto The Only True G-D's Call will exit "the broadway to destruction" and they will follow The Messiah on "The Way to The Truth of The Life"! They no longer will have their portion with the "catholic/christian" LIE or any other religious system of this world.

The Messiah testified, "whoever lives and believes in Me(His Teachings and Life example) shall never die."

And then The Messiah questioned, "Do you believe this?" YES!

And you? Do you believe? Or do you believe in death?

If you believe in death, while there is breath(spirit) there is hope!

For Miracles Do Happen! Thanks Be To "Our Father(Creator)"!

Hope is that there would be those who "come out" of the "strong delusion" that is the religious systems of this wicked world, for "the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one".

Hope is that there would be those who believe in and receive of The Life. Hope is that there would be those who would "experience The Messiah and The Power(The Holy, Set Apart, Great Spirit) that raised Him from among the dead".

Hope is you will, or have experienced The Miracle that is "receiving a love of The Truth", for all who have "received a love of The Truth" will have:

Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(religion) that is of this wicked world, for "the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one"(1JN5:19) indeed and Truth....... francis