November 18, 2008

Teen-shrieks galore at Twilight premiere!

Teen Shrieks Galore at ‘Twilight’ Premiere

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 18) — Hundreds of
shrieking fans — mostly teenage girls —
lined the streets outside the Mann Village
and Bruin Theatres on Monday for a
chance to peek at the stars attending the
Los Angeles premiere of “Twilight.” Some
enthusiasts of the popular vampire literary
series-turned-movie camped out overnight,
while many arrived at dawn to secure a
place in line.
“I’m on basic motor functions right now,”
actor Robert Pattinson, who plays sexy
vamp Edward, said amid fans’ screams.
More than 600 people were allowed inside
special holding areas along both sides of
the premiere’s red carpet. The self-proclaimed
fanpires gawked, squealed and
begged for autographs and photos with the
stars. Others spilled out beyond the barricades
and across the street from the premiere.
Many held up handmade signs.
Most just wanted face time. What question
did they ask the most?
“What’s it like kissing vampires?’” said actress
Kristen Stewart, who plays human
teenager Bella.
Marie Sheranian, 16, and Brianna Matheson,
17, came from Simi Valley, Calif., to
catch a glimpse of Pattinson, the 22-year old
actor who became a heartthrob after
winning the role of Edward. The two “Twilight”
fans created T-shirts professing their
devotion for Pattinson and brought crates
to stand on in hopes of seeing the actor’s
face — or even the top of his hair — from
above the crowd.
“My heart is gonna explode,” Sheranian
said from atop a crate.
Not everyone in the horde was a howling
teenage girl. Several teenage boys were
sprinkled throughout the crowd. And there
were even a few parents — including the
founders of, who left
their children and husbands at home to attend
the premiere. Pia Castillo said she
came all the way from Tegucigalpa, Honduras,
to see the film’s bloodsuckers in person.
“It’s shocking something I came up with
could inspire all this,” said “Twilight” author
Stephenie Meyer.
The red carpet was buzzing about possible
sequels. Meyer has written three other
“Twilight” novels.
Pattinson said he signed on for the film
thinking it would be part of a trilogy, and he
knows a script for a second film has been
Stewart said she originally heard the cast
might reunite to film both the second and
third sequels at the same time, but now
they might be filmed separately.
“It has to make a certain amount of money,
like $150 million, to be able to afford the sequel,”
director Catherine Hardwicke said.
“So we really don’t know yet.”

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Missie said...

My daughter is one of those shrieking teenagers, but here in PA! LOL

I'm sure the movie will make enough for the sequal.