November 23, 2008

RECIPE ~ Vegan/Vegitarian Caprese (finger food)


Vegan/Vegitarian Caprese (finger food)

This makes for an awesome party dish cause it's finger food.

You'll need the following:

Fresh basil
Pesto (I get my own without any dairy in it)
Block of mozzarella (I use either "Follow Your Heart"s Vegan Gourmet or
"Teese" brands)
Grape or cherry tomatoes

Chop up the basil and mozzarella. Tip--use the size of the tomato to judge
how big to make the pieces.

Place alternating amounts of cheese, basil, and tomato onto each toothpick,
and place into shallow bowl of pesto. That way each toothpick caprese is
coated lightly.

It takes a bit to make, but is EXTREMELY delicious. This was a nice crowd
pleaser at New Year's Eve!

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