November 24, 2008

Stuck on the side of the road

Well, sort of.
I picked up Zach (11) from his dad's last night and we proceeded towards home with plans of stopping at Little Caesar's for a $5.00 pepperoni pizza. His father lives 23 miles from us. Approximately 5 miles from his home, I stop at the Shell to get gas, because like always, it's cheaper out that way. I grab my credit card, leave my phone and everything else in the car including the kid, and lock it up. I pump $15.00 worth. It won't give me a receipt. "Please See Attendant". Fine. I hold a finger up to Zach, indicating I'll be right back. Walk several steps. Almost to the store's door. I hear a car door close (probably another car). I hear steps behind me (probably the person who closed their door). I turn around, there's Zach. I look at the car. I look at Zach. I say,"You locked your door, right?" "Yea." "Oh sh*t". (I rarely say that) "The keys are in the car, Zach!" He stares at me. "D*mmit!" (I rarely say that either) "Sorry" "ACK!"
I go in to get my receipt and ask the attendant if I can use her phone. I'll skip over the boring, time-passing conversation Zach and I had, during which time I told him I wasn't mad at him, I was mad at the situation.
55 minutes later, the wrecker comes, puts this nifty little pump under the side of the door frame, wiggles-in his handy little curved metal stick and pops open the door :) Thank God and hallelujah!!

I have 3 calls waiting for me on my phone of the ex and my dad wondering where we were LOL I call them back and fill them in...
So on down to Little Caesar's we go!
I am thankful we weren't literally on the side of the road where anyone could have accosted us.
I am thankful I could stand in a warm store that had food and drinks ;)
I am thankful for the guys that have the job of helping us stupid people LOL
I am thankful I have money to buy gas inthe first place, and for that matter, to have a CAR!
Thank you God for the little things!! :)

Have a GREAT day!


D said...

YIKES! Glad all worked out in the end.

Miss Slick One said...

Thank you!