October 10, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dead Sea Mud Mask Mineral Youth by Maple Holistics

I've used this Dead Sea mask twice so far, and I have to say, I'm kinda hooked on it! :)

It does not have a bad odor, it goes on smooth, dries completely in about 15 minutes, and washes off very easily. My skin was very smooth afterward. 

I recommend this product to anyone who loves to do masks!

My Rating: A

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Pelotherapy is the application of mud or clay which contain therapeutic qualities and minerals. Dead Sea Mud Mask is a facial mask combines 100% pure Dead Sea Mud with an incredible essential oil synergy to maximize results for healthy, toned skin.
  • 100% authentic mud from the Dead Sea in Israel with no inferior mud or clay adulterants.
  • Mineral Youth formula contains nature’s most effective essential oils for healthy skin, including Lavender, German Chamomile, and more.
  • Dual-action exfoliation and purification. The Dead Sea Mud exfoliates excess dirt while the essential oils simultaneously nourish and purify, followed by a cleansing rinse.
  • The effects can be instantly recognized with the live feeling of the mud mask toning and firming after application. Great for oily skin, problem skin, wrinkles, mild acne, and elasticity imbalance.
  • Naturally cool, smooth and creamy for pleasurable application.

Formula and Benefits

Pure Dead Sea Mud: The Dead Sea in Israel is the most saline body of water in the world, with a mineral concentration of approximately 32% (Ben Gurion University, Dead Sea Research Center). Mud from the Dead Sea has a high content level of salts and minerals that are claimed to be essential for the face and body.
German Chamomile: Known to be nature’s most effective anti-inflammatory, German Chamomile is naturally rejuvenating and helps reduce inflammation. German Chamomile also contains traces of lithium to assist in calming the nerves and reducing stress.
Lavender: This highly popular oil in the world of aromatherapy contributes compounds which work well with the minerals of the mud and helps attain maximum absorption.
Green Myrtle: This valuable asset oil is reputed to be the single most effective essential oil against oily skin. Many skincare products skip over this ingredient due to its high production costs; this formula does not compromise for any cheaper and less effective alternatives.
Clary Sage: The aromatherapy aspect is heightened with the addition of Clary Sage, which helps deliver an herbaceous and relaxing scent while complementing the positive benefits on facial skin.

Biodeynes EMPP: The extracellular matrix of human skin is comprised of collagens and elastic fibers, the latter of which elasticin is a primary component. This beneficial ingredient promotes collagen and elasticin in the skin, for loss of elasticity in the skin causes sagginess and wrinkles.

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