July 22, 2012

It's all in the simplicity!

I grabbed a couple of simple recipes from Alicia Silverstone's blogsite and I'm making myself eat these for my two main meals for at least a week, and little harmless snacks throughout the day. I made these in a batch large enough for a week, to freeze some.

Healthier Brown Rice:
Brown rice
chopped Cilantro to taste
healthy sprinkle of each Oregano and Parsley (I didn't have any fresh parsley)
1/4 tsp Sea Salt & Blk Pepper
Drizzle Sesame Seed Oil (I didn't have so I used EVOO)
Nutritional Yeast (I couldn't find)
a good dash of Soy Sauce
Cook all in Rice Cooker or pot (follow bag directions)

Rinsed well a bag of Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas) and cooked in my slow cooker with a heavy dose of Sea Salt on high for 4 hrs. Drain & Rinse well. (You can do the same with any beans)

Can be frozen and put up in one cup or two cup portions to be brought down later for your next couple of days.

I'll keep it mixed up a little of course by adding veggies and fruits on the side, etc. and I am still loving cereal or oatmeal for breakfast with bananas or fruit. Sometimes a gluten-free waffle with fruit, etc. Change it up, have fun, enjoy! :)

This is last night's supper while the food was fresh and hot :) I added sprouts because they were starting to go to waste.

 Today's lunch, straight out of the fridge and warmed for one minute in the microwave.

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