July 23, 2012


On Facebook:
**CONTEST REMINDER!!** We are giving away a FREE MINI MATE!! All you have to do is post this as your status, tagging the Mini Mate. Here is the post: 

"@Mini Mate saves money up to $500 a year in spoiled food! "Like" them and post on their wall that I sent you and we could BOTH WIN A FREE MINI MATE!" 
 ..........Please make sure to include Mini Mate so that we can keep track of the LIKES you bring in. Thats right. A FREE Mini Mate for you AND a friend. Contest ends as soon as we reach 500 LIKES. So get to posting your status updates tagging us in it, get your friends to "like" our page, and post on our wall that YOU ("Delle Sherer sent me") sent them to win a FREE MINI MATE! Once again, contest ends when we reach 500 LIKES!

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