January 15, 2012

More on my new way of eating

As a reminder to you folks, I am slowly adding new things to my diet from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, and I have really enjoyed trying new foods, or a new way of making things I had already tried. Even Zach is (dare I say) loving the new foods!
Last night I made a broiled chicken dish with powdered ginger, sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, soy sauce, & tumeric.
Roasted asparagus in oilive oil, lemon juice and crushed garlic (it was the major hit of the night for such a simple dish, and we poured the juice over the next item LOL)Red Quinoa toasted in a saucepan for a few moments in olive oil, then boiled in chicken broth, and left to sit on simmer for 25 minutes.
Unfortunately, I was so buy making all that, getting the table set and everything ready, I forgot to take a photo of everything! Well, it was so awesome, nothing was left! Zach and Mike (no joke) were swirling their forksfuls of chicken in the asparagus oil! Mike has told me he's impressed with how I have been getting better over the past couple of years with cooking. Some things I make up myself, and for other things I use other people's recipes, and then tweak them to my own tastes.

Today, Zach begged me to make more asparagus for lunch "the exact same way but with extra juice", and quinoa to pour the juice over! So to fill us up and give us more protein and veggies, I boiled blackeyed peas, California veggies, and mushrooms, then made a pan of quinoa, while the asparagus cooked in the oven. When it was all ready, the asparagus was put on the bottom of the bowl, the beans & veggies were drained, and the quinoa was poured & mixed into the veggies mix. That was poured over the asparagus. The remainder of the asparagus juice was poured over all. He wolfed it down! OK, I wolfed it down too! LOL
(I had forgotten to add that I also made a squash casserole last night)
Can't wait to try the next set of recipies!

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