December 20, 2010

"School-less"? : )

That's the word that popped into my head just now while trying to figure out what I was going to write about today - this first day of the holiday season for the kids here in SC : ) YAY! So starts a new couple of weeks, to refreshen, and relax!

My son & I 'celebrated' Saturday by going to his papa's place of work for a few hours. He manages a billiards room, and Zach plays for free against his papa when he visits. He has a blast. I hadn't played in years, and it felt good to 'get back on the table' again. I miss it. Then we had supper with my oldest, bestest friend. She was visiting from NC.

So now it's a time for newness, freshness.
We have the cold weather coming in making the plants go dormant;
We have a good bit of rain refreshing the trees and ponds;
We have berries popping out on bushes for the birds.
New things. Things we haven't seen since last Winter.

I pulled the artificial tree in from the porch last night. Something new in the house. The cats are confused. As they circled it, I had a spray bottle of water in my hands. Cat owners know why ; )
Today I will go through my old ornies and my new ones I received from friends this year in ornament exchanges. New and old mixing. Making a new-looking tree.
I will start cleaning certain areas of the house to welcome my guests on Christmas evening. I'll make some new recipes but mostly old, treasured ones.

Tonight will be a Lunar Eclipse, viewable from all places within the hemisphere where the moon is above the horizon. For us Easterners, it will begin at approx. 1:15 am and end around 5:30 am. The old moon closes out, a new one begins. Not really, but it will seem that way; like turning a page of a book, we will turn to a new morning.

Have a beautiful day!

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