December 25, 2010

Christmas Evening 2010

The child : )

I hope all of you had a good Christmas! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Our day was small but fun. Just the kid, myself, mom & dad. Great food, gifts we actually needed, and some good coffee.

Zach got a new Vivitar digital vivcam from mom & dad so I've been playing with it all day. He got a cellphone (egads) from his dad and other grands, so he's been playing with that all day LOL

The artificial tree will be taken down tomorrow and since there wasn't much on it, it won't take me 10 minutes to pack everything back up. Just wasn't in the mood this year with being on the poor end of the spectrum and partially disabled. Just not up to it physically, but in mind, I'm all over it.

We're suppose to get 1-3" of snow tonight after midnight. We're in SC, I really don't think we'll get much at all. I remember hearing it last year and it didn't even rain in my area. We shall see.

Have an awesome Sunday!

We got about 1.5 inches and up to 2 inches in some parts of the yard because it snowed overnight and all into the next day!

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