December 22, 2010

Freelance Editing/Proofreading

I have started editing what people write, from simple blogs to full-blown books. I take the content they’ve written, polish and edit it, then email or mail it back.
This includes blogs, books, journals, classroom materials, manuals, transcriptions, brochures, flyers, screenplays, research papers, and news articles.

If you need this service, email me at with "Editing" in the Subject Line. Tell me what you need edited, how many words there are in your blog (use for your online needs) material or book, and I will get back to you with a quote.

With simple things like a short blog, I can be done within a day, depending.
Books take about 3-10 days, depending.

(Please do not comment here asking how much I charge, because it depends on what you need done and how long it is. As I stated, please email me with the info.)

I've also gotten exited about getting back into freelance writing. I've been away from it too long... It's all on paper but hope to transfer it to my blog someday soon...

I've been writing books since I was a teen but never finished them, nor talked to anyone about them. I am looking forward to finishing that project as well someday!

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