September 30, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Sari Foods' Organic Spirulina

I so wanted to love this! I am a big fan of proteins and wheys and the like, that I add to my smoothies or teas, because, honestly, I did not have a great diet as I aged, so I balance out my bad habits with adding greens and proteins that I would not normally consume or chew, to my smoothies. This Spirulina is a great concept. Really! But sadly, this was a poor product.

After cutting open the top of the bag, the odor hit me. I thought, ok, I could get used to this just like I did with valerian root, just leave the bag open a minute while you get other things ready... no, I can't, it was just too overwhelming.

Second, the 1/2 spoonful I put into my hot tea did not melt. It clumped up on the spoon like a baby koala hanging on his momma for dear life! Strangest thing I've ever seen. So, I stirred and stirred. Approximately half of it broke away and floated on top, never mixing in. The rest of it stayed firmly attached to the spoon. I had to use a paper towel to pull it off over the trashcan. Then I dumped out the ruined cup of tea and rinsed the cup out.

Third, the bag would not reclose! No matter what: starting from the end, starting from the middle, mash mash MASH! It did not matter, that zip was not going to match up and seal! So I slowly folded the top over (so as not to inhale anymore odor), and zipped it into a gallon baggie.

Unfortunately, I will not be trying this in a smoothie this week... maybe next week.

I'm so sorry to give a 'bad' review, it's my first in a very long time, but I do not think, at this point in time, that this product is a good choice. Maybe later down the road after improvements.

I suggest they rework the seal situation, and somehow incorporate something into the 'food' to make it blend into hot liquid. 

My Rating: Poor (because I can't bring myself to type an 'F'!)

Product Description

Our Organic Spirulina Is IMMUNO-MAZING! The rich, dense green color gives us away - we're nutrient-packed!

You can add Organic Spirulina to your favorite smoothies, juices and recipes for a nutritional boost your body will love you for. See the attached product sheet for even more organic spirulina benefits. We will also send you a free recipe book with the promotion so you can try out many different ways to incorpate this ultimate superfood into your diet!

Adding Spirulina to your diet will help:

STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Organic Spirulina is the most nutrient dense food known to humankind and works miracles in the body by helping to balance your pH and reduce Inflammation - which is the root of most disease. This nutritional content provides protection from colds, flus, other contractable illnesses… & even cancer.

FIGHT AGING & FREE RADICALS. This miracle superfood has more antioxidant activity than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and 3900% more beta carotene than carrots, packing a powerful antioxidant punch that promotes skin health and cell regeneration while providing protection from cell-damaging molecules absorbed by the body through pollution, poor diet, injury, or stress.

OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH WITH NATURE’S MOST PERFECT MULTIVITAMIN. With over 100 naturally occurring and bioavailable vitamins & nutrients, Organic Spirulina contains more than 60% protein and is a non-synthetic source of iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, beta-carotine, B12, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, antioxidants and essential amino acids (GLA, Omega 3, 6 & 9's).

We are excited to announce our nutrient packed USDA Certified Organic Spirulina - perhaps nature's most perfect food. In fact, if nature were to make a multivitamin, this would be it!

Spirulina contains more protein content than any other food source, and, it is biologically complete - containing all of the essential amino acids needed for human health. Did you know that Spirulina is also the most planet friendly source of protein? It yields 20% more than soybeans with 25% of the water usage and is 5 times more energy efficient! We won’t even begin to discuss the comparisons with beef and other animal sources.

Oh, and because it is Organic, our Spirulina is100% Non-Toxic and Contaminate Free - Free of Chemicals, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Yeast, Mold, E. Coli, BMAA, Microcystine, Pheophorbides, Irradiation, GMO's, Preservatives, Additives, Solvents, Binders, Soy & Gelatin.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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