August 13, 2014

(Updated 8-26) Update on Adelle Stanley, the grandmother in the Charleston car wreck

(she's a close, dear friend of mine which is why I keep sharing this)

She came closer to home from the hospital in Charleston SC to a nursing home in White Rock SC yesterday (08-25-14) to keep recuperating! She is a God-miracle! And we are so blessed to have her and her amazing family in our lives!
This is her, standing with help, at the hospital yesterday and they all prepared to come back 'home'. Patrice her daughter is hiding behind her father, Howard, Adelle's husband :) The others I believe are staff. (no, she's not winking, her eye is closed shut, I have not asked about it)

___________________________________ (updated at site from her daughter)

This is Adelle and her husband Howard from a couple of years ago. Bria on the right is one of their grandchildren in the car with her when the accident happened. They were hit very hard on the side. Bria had 3 friends with her, one was killed instantly, the other 3 of them were in the hospital for a week or so. Hannah who passed away was given an amazing funeral here at our church a couple of weeks ago. There was such an outpouring of support for her family that there were no more parking spaces left, and we have a huge parking lot! Her older brother died 9 years previously, on the same date. Such an incredibly sad day for them all. We are in deep prayers for them and the two remaining children as they continue to live with that sorrow, BUT, they are Christians and have that special assurance of God's grace and love, so they will be able to endure and go on :) Hannah is hand-in-hand with Jesus checking out heaven and chatting with her brother, bless her soul :)

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