August 08, 2014

Do I have followers who like to help fund people? I have a work mate that needs help.

From my friend Shelby's mother:

My son will be deploying soon and my daughter and I would like to visit him before he leaves. To do this we have to drive/fly cross country which is going to cost a lot more money than I can come up with before he leaves. I'm a nurse and I am picking up as many extra shifts as I can and my 18 year old daughter I'd working as well to help out with the expenses. We have been overwhelmed with multiple medical bills due to unforeseen events and just need a little help to get to see our Marine one more time before his deployment. Please if anyone can help in any way it would be appreciated more that you could ever imagine. God bless you!

(Update)I won't be seeing my son for some time and my daughter and I are desperately wanting to be able to see him, hug him and pray with him before he is deployed. For many years it was only the three of us and getting used to his leaving has been very difficult. We'll have to travel cross country to visit him before he leaves. We are hard working and willing to do what it takes to get there so please don't think we are merely asking for a hand out. We just want one more chance to spend some time with him before he's deployed. He is our world, our solid ground. Thank you for taking time to read this and God Bless You.

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