August 26, 2014

Menopause Products Reviews - Borrowed from

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Our criteria:

We’ve interpreted the ingredients of these herbal menopause supplements under the light of traditional medicine. Each formula was evaluated using available information about the individual ingredients and how they interact with normal hormone levels. The safety of the ingredients was also evaluated.


Overall Score

1. Mendapause
2. Source Naturals Hot Flash
3. Rainbow Light Complete
4. Menoquil/Menersa
5. NewPhase Complete
6. Phyto-B
7. Estroven
8. Estrotone
9. Solgar PM Phytogen
10. Promensil
11. i-Cool
12. Remifemin
13. Macafem
PLEASE feel free to add your two-cents below! I welcome all Praises and Fusses! 
I have not tried any of these yet, as I am not in the throws of the craziness of it... I am peri, and just starting out with a few 'small' problems. As soon as I start experiencing the more common problems, and trying products, you'll be the first to know! LOL

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