April 04, 2012

REVIEW: MoriaVaratu by David Lee Jones

MoriaVaratu by David Lee Jones

"Geologist Dr. Brandon Jordan flees to Mars to escape the tormenting loss of his young son and wife to a rampant, global blood virus on Earth. Upon starting his life on the Red Planet, he stumbles onto an ancient secret that distracts him from the oppressive depression and sends his life hurtling into an adventure that not only solves eon’s old mysteries on Mars, but connects to unsolved history back on Earth. In the end he is forced to become an unlikely hero in a war that, unbeknownst to humankind as a whole, has spanned across two worlds and unfathomable time altering the course of humanity."

This is one of those books that pulls you in, so deeply, that you feel you are actually there, you truly do not want to put the book down because you're going to miss out on what a character is going to do!
A great sci-fi that WILL become a classic! 
Do you like vampires, but not the campy kind? 
Love a continuing mystery? 
Like to be surprised? 
Pick up a copy!

I so want this book turned into a movie! Eagerly awaiting the next book!

David Lee Jones lives in Lexington, SC.

Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Published: Feb 06, 2012
Publisher: Lulu.com
Seller: Lulu Enterprises, Inc.
Print Length: 257 Pages
Language: English

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