February 14, 2012

MEN... TODAY is Valentine's Day

MEN... TODAY is Valentine's Day - you do NOT need to spend hundreds of dollars on us! That is a waste of hard-earned money, trust me... just use your imagination... let me tell you how cool a HOMEMADE card is along with a homemade dinner or dessert... VERY! You know why? You had to put your feelings into it. Yes, we like chocolate, we like flowers, but most of all, we like YOU as a person, otherwise we wouldn't be with you. Do not waste a load of money on something that lasts one day.

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James said...

Now why didn't I think of that? Oh well, my mother and sisters are in completely different states from me (no girlfriend/wife for me presently) so this past 14th was a loner.

Just wanted to say I'm enjoying what I see on your blog and will be continuing to read it.

Peace that surpasses all understanding,