April 07, 2012

REVIEW: To Kill a Zombie by David W. Pierce

To Kill a Zombie The year I came back to life - and why

by David W. Pierce

"Most zombies aren't aware that they are zombies. David Pierce heard it first from his wife: "You just seem dead," she told him. "Checked out, lifeless... a zombie." David took this as a challenge. He had to kill the zombie and come back to life - he had to connect with people and his faith in ways he never had before."

This is a book of stories from David's life that will touch on a few spots in your own - I know it did in mine.
He connects with us by sharing the most intimate and sometimes mundane 'chores' we have in life - living it day by day. 
You know those days... when life feels like it just drags along, dragging us with it, sometimes without even caring. People will see us as zombies sometimes, staring out at nothing, our minds thousands of miles away. And we don't even know what we're looking at or thinking about. 
Written in Jekyll & Hyde-type chapters, at the beginning of each chapter, David tells us of his life full of excitement, and then follows it up with becoming a 'zombie' and how he struggles to get the spark back into his life.
Some of his wonderful stories include volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and wandering through the "Hollywood Forever" cemetery in California.
He kept me giggling a few times as well. 
The struggles he shares with us help remind us that our Lord is right next to us - through every drag, through every loss, through every triumph. You'll see how our Lord helped David in this down-to-earth book.

David WPierce lives in Tennessee with his wife, popular Christian comedienne Chonda Pierce.

Leafwood Publishers (www.leafwoodpublishers.com) Abilene, Texas
Copyright 2012 by David W. Pierce
ISBN 978-0-89112-267-8
LCCN 2011046165
Christian Biography/Religious Aspects

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