October 06, 2008

Prayers for friends...

A lady friend in Sunday School, MaryAnn, approx 60-65 yrs old, praying to have negative results on her cancer screening, praying the cancer is not returning after being in submission...this last screening said it had come back, so they are retesting...

I am praying for a 19 yr old young lady, Crystal, who is in serious need of salvation - has an 18 month old son - unmarried - bi - dangerously involved in the secular world - didn't know what 'Sunday School' was when I asked her to visit church with me at the end of last month, saying she didn't know what to do with the child... never came to church with me, but did attend a different church this last week and said she had fun...

Prayers needed for all tweens and the dangerous secular world that pulls at them 24-7. They only "get God" for two hours a week on Sundays, if that. Please teach them right, teach them daily. God, keep watch, cover them. Blind them to the eyes of the devil.

www.pray4clay.com A precious little guy here in SC that has a brain cancer/tumor.

For soldiers who are told to go fight for our freedom. And for their families who are proud but heartbroken. Prayers for the families that have lost their sons and daughters to war. Again, God, cover the eyes of their enemies, that they may be safe.

Prayers for all of my family members and friends, who do or do not believe - keep them all safe. Show them opportunities that are not to be missed :)

And blessings to YOU, for reading this far.
I hope you will pray for these people with me.
Love to all,
Phyllis Adelle


Joyce said...

I especially worry about the tweens. My granddaughter is 11 and I cannot believe some of the things she comes up with (that she learns from kids at school) for that age. I pray that what she hears in church will trump what she hears elsewhere.
Hugs, Joyce

Beth said...

How sad and awful that pets are left behind.

Thanks for joining my journal--I'll look forward to reading yours and learning more about you!

All my best,

Amanda said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))Everyone is having such a hard time,as wel as I am,with aying my bills.Have a nice day.