November 29, 2012

Tonight's Dinner: Herb Pan Tilapia with Herb Rice and Zucchini

In  a medium pot, heat 2 cups water with a chicken bullion cube, bring to boil. Add sliced, cleaned zucchini & boil for 2 minutes, remove with slotted spoon and set aside. To still boiling water, add 1 cup white rice, salt, pepper, a couple of light sprinkles of basil, stir well, cover & set heat to LOW, cook 12-15 minutes, checking for readiness by that time. Add finely chopped fresh parsley, stir well, set aside.
While rice is cooking, in large pan add EV Olive Oil, minced garlic... heat garlic a minute, then add Tilapia, cook for 4 minutes on Med/MedHigh heat on each side. Add an inch of tubed, prepared Cilantro and tubed, prepared Ginger (omit if you like)... (found in your produce area). Chop some parsley & stir in. Salt & pepper fish. Shake pan back and forth, then gently turn over fish once more. Add par-boiled zucchini around edges of pan away from fish, salt & pepper all, stir gently around edges to soak up some flavors. Serve all on top of rice.

(Parsley is good for digestion. Ginger is good for body pain and stomach issues.)

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