March 05, 2011

An excerpt from “Time Changer” by Rich Christiano

Scene 17

“Time Changer” by Rich Christiano

Russell: I’m leaving you now, Eddie. (paraphrased) I brought you this.

Eddie: A bible, huh…

Russell: Yes, God’s holy word.

Eddie: That’s alright, preacher. Hey, will you look at this; it’s in Spanish.

Russell: Please read it, Eddie.

Eddie: Wow… yeah, I’ll read it.

Russell: May I have your word, Eddie?

Eddie: If Eddie Martinez tells you he’s gonna do something, he’s gonna do something. Now I’m gonna read this.

Russell: I believe you, Eddie, may the Lord speak to you.

Eddie: Yeah, preacher, you’re a good egg, via con dios.

Russell: (starting to walk out, turns back again) Eddie, there is something I must tell you… Jesus is coming back soon to set up his earthly kingdom. The requirement though to enter this kingdom is that we must be absolutely perfect; without sin.

Eddie: Well that leaves me out of that party.

Russell: (chuckles) No one is without sin, Eddie, not one. All of us face eternal judgment and separation from God. This is why we must receive Jesus Christ into our life as Lord. He’s the only one who lived a perfect life and thus became the substitute for our sins.

Eddie: For me, too…?

Russell: Yes, for you, too. He rose from the dead proving he was God and he wants to save us from the penalty of our sins and give us eternal life, but we must first individually receive him, Eddie, this is what it means to believe in Jesus.

Eddie: Wow, you know… no one ever quite explained it to me like that before.

Russell: God wants us to be reconciled to himself, so much so, that he gave his only son to die for us. It’s all in this book, Eddie. I pray that you will consider what I’m saying.

Eddie: Yeah.

Russell: Goodnight, Eddie.

Eddie: Hey, preacher, hey, listen, I gotta confess to you something, you know earlier when I gave you my word that I was gonna read this book? Well, I was lying. But that was before. Now I give you my word from my heart… but I’m gonna read this book.

Russell: God bless you, Eddie.

Eddie: (reading Genisis aloud in Spanish)

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