March 20, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Guy Erma and the Son of Empire: A Young Adult Sci-Fi Thriller Novel

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Guy Erma and the Son of Empire: A Young Adult Sci-Fi Thriller Novel

First off, I have to say, that is a really cool cover :)

I enjoyed this book very much, I took my time reading it, and for that, I apologize to the author for taking so long! I like to make sure I am getting every essence available from a book. I like to get lost in a story when I read. If something is distracting me, I have to stop, and begin again later.

Personally, I am angry against politics and corporate bigwigs, so this book was right up my alley. And I love reading young adult sci-fi and thrillers. I'm always keeping an eye out for great books for my older-teen son.

Ms. Melia has a great imagination, and the writing is very smooth and keeps you enthralled! Keep it up!


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Do I trust you? Can I trust you?

Two boys as different as any two boys might be. 

Guy Erma has only one dream - to join the Dome Elite. An unregistered orphan, to gain his place Guy Erma must plead his case to Chart Segat, Commander of the Dome Elite. He must do whatever Chart says. 

Teodor, Prince of Freyne, is snatched from a life of privilege by militant borgs, vanguard of the Dome Elite. To survive he must plead his case to Chart Segat. He must do whatever Chart wants. 

Whatever Chart Segat wants... 

In a fast- paced tale, the boys paths are drawn to a crossroads a horrific planet-killer peril is revealed, and changes both their lives forever. 

The only question remains: “Do I trust you?” 

"One of the most powerhouse imaginations I’ve encountered in sci-fi..." Dean C. Moore Love on the Run 

"Set in a world where fashion and fun hide treacherous politics and danger, Guy Erma and the Son of Empire will keep you enthralled." Sherrill NilsonKarda: Adalta Vol. 1.

A good old-fashioned political thriller - if you loved both Frank Herbert’s Dune and Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games - you will adore Guy Erma. 



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