November 09, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Out of the Shoebox" by Yaron Reshef

This story is about a family having to deal with and try to live through the holocaust, while also trying to find all of their family members. You were privy to practically every single thought of the writer. 

The genealogy/family tree in the back of the book is also a helpful guide. And I learned what 'Kiddush' is.

It's a great book about history and includes very nice photos. It was well-written, and though just an itsy-bit slow in some spots (just my personal opinion), I enjoyed it, and I do recommend it.

You can find your copy here:

Book Description:

Out of the Shoebox is a fascinating journal that reads like a detective story, comes across as an imaginative quest into the past, yet is the true personal story of the writer, Yaron Reshef. 

An unexpected phone call hurls Reshef into an intensive two-year journey, during which he has to solve a mystery that took shape in the 1930s and gradually unfolded in the present. A mysterious lot, a forgotten bank account, a people long gone – along with their memory which were obliterated during the Holocaust. All of these rise to the surface, bearing with them memories and emotions previously hidden away in the shoebox. 

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