September 13, 2013

Toying with the idea of Enrolling in Thirty-One? See more info...

Chances are
You are here because you are researching.
You have questions.
You have doubts.
You are looking for a leader.
Chances are
You want to travel more, save for college, a house, a car, quit your job.

You want more time with your family.
You’re an introvert, extrovert.
Chances are
You are wondering.
And so am I.
What would it take?
I want to build an amazing team who will do great things!
So will you join me?
Ask me questions to your hearts content.
Worried about your first party? I can walk you through it and give you the tools you need to succeed.
I would be happy to sponsor your first online party to get you started.
I will share my marketing ideas and customer care tips.
So get your first 3 parties booked so you can be on your way to your first Start Swell freebies!
We can do great things together!
Who wouldn't want to be paid to party?!

Fall/Winter Enrollment Kit:

All of these products plus so much more will help you get started TODAY as a consultant for an amazing faith-based company!
This Kit is worth $300.00, but as an enrolling consultant, you pay only $99 + tax & shipping!
See more info here, and click Join My Team!

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