June 07, 2013

10 Uses for Plastic Jugs


The containers with screw on lids are less heart-breaking ;)

Fill with water and use to fill empty spaces in your freezer. Your freezer runs more efficiently when it is full! – Then when filling a cooler you can use these as ice packs.

Make a funnel - Cut of the bottom of the jug and turn upside down

Fill the jug with small stones and place it in your toilet tank to displace water and reduce the amount of water used per flush. (My parents do this~PhyllisAdelle)

Fill with sand as use as weights to hold down a tarp or anything else you don’t want flying away.

Make a bird feeder (click for details).

Cut off the jug bottoms for use as refrigerator organizers. They can be used to keep produce organized and also are great for holding condiment bottles and catching drips.

Make a scoop. Leave the cap on and cut off the bottom portion. Use the handle as the handle for the scoop.

Use them to store dry goods (rice, sugar, etc.)

Make a watering can - Use a small nail to poke about 20 holes in the cap.

Do a fun craft project like this skeleton (click for details).

We re-use by washing milk jugs very well, and my boyfriend brings me drinking water from his home - we can't ingest our well water. I also use them for watering my indoor & outdoor plant containers, and filling the cat's water outside.

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