August 15, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The PyraMorians by David Lee Jones (SC)

The PyraMorians by David Lee Jones (SC)

Book Two of the Morian Trilogy

Dr. Brandon Jordan, New Sardonia and Earth have been fooled for the last millennia. The plot thickens, the trust thins and we are left craving even more of this story. Not an ending, a continuation of ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘what else’. Mr. Jones is very good at pulling us into this world of aliens and leaves us wanting even more.
Danling, Dr. Jordan, Razel, Valden, Mayngan, Nan… names you will come to know, characters that you will see in your mind as you read, and maybe even as you sleep and dream.
To see this story unfold on a big screen is what I keep hoping for. Get the books, you will not be disappointed in this story.

ISBN 978-1-105-65886-0
The PyraMorians
The War of the Third Awakening (due out Winter 2012)

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