October 10, 2011

REVIEW: "The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook" by Jeff Kinley


"The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook"
by Jeff Kinley
'slaying the dead within'

Yep, love the title! I pictured a Christian living in the time of zombies and battling his Christianity while trying to balance killing, with surviving...

So I received the book for review and here's the intro:

“Ben Forman was just an ordinary guy, a young professional starting his first job and falling in love with his girlfriend. Living on the outskirts of a southern city, he didn’t think the zombie activity so common in metropolitan areas would hit so close to home. But it was becoming clear that the mysterious infection reanimating the dead would soon be a worldwide epidemic.”
“Warning: Some scenes and descriptions in this book are not suitable for younger audiences.”
.....No joke here, don't let your 11 yr old child get a hold of it, they'll be sleeping with you in your own bed until they're 40. If you are the squeamish type, don't read it... or just read the Chapters (non-fiction), not the Episodes (the fictional story of Ben).

In the "Episodes", it follows the life of Ben, a 24 yr old in NC, and his life dealing with zombies and it includes the theories of how they came to be (some of them wildly fascinating!).
In the "Chapters", it gives you the Christian in-depth look at sin from the beginning in the Garden, and how it affects us even today, the pull of our bodies & minds not being sinless... how it affects our lives, others around us and what we can do about it. Deeply moving.
Fiction, and non-fiction. To me, it's genius.
It's a great pull toward teens to get them reading Christian books if they aren't.
It's a well thought-out book, and deeply addictive, in my opinion.

And before we go any further, NO, I do not believe in zombies (or the Loch Ness Monster, or Bigfoot, etc) and never will... until one sneaks up behind me and kills me.

In each one of us is a zombie; the deepest part of us. Sin. Satan can get to it, he teases it up from us. I believe that is what Mr. Kinley is trying to get us to understand.
We see some of it every day. It may show-out heavily in some people, very obvious to those around them, every day, all day long.
In others, it may just peep it's head out during times of major stress, or temptation.

I don't want to tell you much of this book at all, because I want YOU to read it and get out of it what you can without my influence.
He did touch several spots in me that I had been wondering about. Isn't is wonderful when that happens? You have a certain problem and here comes a book or a preacher who just happens to talk about it? It's Divine, I'm telling you...

I will include what else is written on the jacket:

"It delivers a fresh approach to sin, grace, and salvation, exposing the raging beast within us all, and how to overcome life as a zombie."

"Jeff Kinley has found a way to communicate God's grace to a new audience. The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook is culturally relevant, deeply perceptive and really inspires us to discover the truth for ourselves."
- Sean T. Page author of War Against the Walking Dead and The Official Zombie Handbook

Sooooo.... Pick up a copy and devour it : )

243 story pages
Discussion Guide (can be a great benefit to a book club meeting)
'Jeff Kinely, pastor, speaker (MainThingMinistries.com), author, podcast host, & missionary to his midtown neighborhood's "Next Generation Tribe" (VintageNxt.com), Jeff finds every way possible to communicate Christ's grace.'

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Without Christ, we are the walking dead:


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