July 26, 2008

Nice song I heard on Ghost Whisperer last night

Can't get you off my mind

Didn't think I'd see you
Back in our sleepy town
It's the last place that
I thought I'd see you now

Your long brown hair
Your pretty smile
And those bright green eyes
Brought back all those feelings
That I've tried so hard to hide

[ Chorus ]
And I can't get you off my mind
And I thought I'd be alright
But you caught me by surprise
And girl, you know I tried
I can't get you off my mind

You look nice
Married life seems to suit you fine
I know I was lucky back
when you were mine
I kept hopin' you'd come
back to me someday
But deep inside I'll always know
You were the one that got away

[ Chorus ]

She touched my arm
She kissed my cheek
As she said goodbye
And as she walked away
I got that feelin' one more time

[ Chorus ]

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