June 18, 2008

More Depp news

JOHNNY DEPP has followed through on his promise to a 12-year-old Oshkosh, Wisconsin fan - by sending him the fedora he wore as bank robber JOHN DILLINGER in new film PUBLIC ENEMIES.
Jack Taylor asked for the actor's hat after meeting him on the set of the movie and an amused Depp agreed to pass it on "when I'm done with it".
And, after Taylor's parents reminded Depp of his promise in a letter to the movie star's production company, the young fan received a package in the post.
In the box was the hat and various other promotional items from Depp's past films.Taylor's parents, Kris and Matt Brand, were thrilled with Depp's gifts - because there were enough treats for Jack and his four siblings.
Kris Brand says, "It's not exactly the easiest thing to make all five kids happy, but they did a good job. It's finally nice to see a celebrity being nice and following through on his promises.
"Depp also wrote Jack a short, personal note telling him to enjoy the hat.
The thrilled youngster tells TheNorthwestern.com, "It was pretty awesome when it came. I didn't think it actually would come."

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